Cupcake boxes: The full range

Our full range of cupcake boxes including boxes for individual cupcakes and cupcake boxes for 2, 3, 4, 6 and 12 cupcakes. The range includes clear single cupcake boxes in various widths - each of which has matching white cupcake inserts to hold the cupcakes in place.

Mini Cupcake Boxes

Our range of cupcake boxes designed for mini cupcakes. These miniature cupcake boxes are perfect for weddings and christenings and any other event where you are looking to create a more delicate cupcake presentation.

Printed cupcake boxes

We also offer the option to brand our most popular cupcake boxes. The minimum order quantity for boxes printed with your own branding is 1000. Full details and costs for our range of printed cupcake boxes can be found in the individual product descriptions.