About Us


Little Cupcake Boxes is a collection of premium boxes for cupcakes - designed to complement your baked creations. We are passionate about cupcakes and enjoy sharing our love of these beautifully decorated treats!

Little Cupcake Boxes which was launched in the summer of 2008 when cupcake shops started springing up all over the country but no-one was supplying gift boxes for the cupcakes to go into. 

We specialise in supplying a unique range of cupcake boxes, cupcake decorations, accessories and wrappers which are designed to complement beautiful cupcakes.

Our range of boxes include single gift boxes for individual cupcakes in a wide range of colours and designs and cupcake boxes which can hold 2, 4, 6, 9 and 12 cupcakes which are ideal for cupcake companies and shops who use our cupcake boxes to package their cupcakes and add a very special gift presentation. 

Our range of cupcake boxes and wrappers are also very popular for weddings - creating beautiful gift boxes for wedding cupcakes. 

We are adding to our range all the time - to be the first to find out when new lines arrive simply sign up for our newsletter below and join us on Facebook, and you will be the first to know!